19th anniversary, 19th spring of Meizu and 19 important moments of the company’s growth

  Meizu MY+
19th anniversary, 19th spring of Meizu and 19 important moments of the company's growth

On March 14, 2022, Meizu Technology celebrated its 19th birthday. Last year, for its 18th anniversary Meizu shared with consumers 18 unpublished interesting facts. This year they decided to release a photo frame “Meizu 19th Anniversary Spring Painting”, containing 19 key moments from the company’s growth.

Let’s take a closer look at these important points.
1. The birth. The glory of Meizu MP3
Founded in 2003, Meizu started as a little-known manufacturer of MP3 players in Zhuhai. But with its beautiful appearance, excellent sound quality and functional product performance, the company has fast become a leader in the Chinese market.

Meizu MP3 era

2. Newborn – Meizu M8
No one would have thought that Meizu, which recently switched from MP3 to MP4 players, decided to climb to the next peak. At the end of 2006 Huang Zhang revealed his idea to make a smartphone. In 2007, a comprehensive technical study began. So far, there was no iPhone or Android, and most supply chains did not have mature technology to meet the demand for smartphones. It took the small factory with only a few people about two years to meet the challenge and launch the first real Chinese smartphone.

Meizu M8

The debut of Meizu M8 was the peak and marked the beginning of the Chinese smart mobile phone industry. And speaking of the peak, some old fans will remember that in 2016 Meizu MX6 “climbed” Everest, withstanding extreme conditions and serving the climbers faithfully.

Meizu MX6 Everest

3. The Flyme balloon
Meizu’s first smartphone came with a custom WinCE operating system. But with its next Meizu M9, the company switched to the Android system, which had already appeared at the time. With the customization of the M8 interface, Meizu engineers have already studied the humanized method of interaction, and when the quad-core version of MX was released in 2012, they officially named Flyme their own custom Android system. That’s how the balloon was born.

Flyme balloon
FlymeOS 1.0

4. The mobile phone already has a mascot – King Kong Panda
The release of Meizu MX2 in 2012. gave birth to the classic color scheme of the panda – black and white. At that time, the choice of mascot was discussed in the Meizu forum, and thus the image of King Kong Panda was created.

Meizu King Kong Panda

5. The small circle breathing lamp
Along with the MX2 and the King Kong Panda, the Small circle breathing lamp has appeared, which fascinates fans. Even in Meizu 18 engineers used the selfie camera hole in the display to pay reverence to this classic again.

Meizu Small circle breathing lamp

6. The big family of Meizu Meiyou
The Meiyou fan club (MY+) is probably the earliest official organization of smartphone maker fans in the world, with numerous offline meetings of charming friends. Every time at a press conference, the slogan “No Meiyou, no Meizu” makes everyone feel at home.

Meizu Meiyou fan club MY+
Meizu Meiyou fan club MY+

7. Memories of the “Water Cube”
On November 27, 2012. Meizu held its first product launch at the popular Water Cube in Beijing and released the MX2. A year later, on September 3, the Meizu MX3 was presented at the Water Cube again.

Meizu MX2 Water Cube Beijing
Meizu MX2 Water Cube Beijing

8. Variety of SIM card eject pins
Meizu’s SIM card eject pins are probably the most developed among mobile phone manufacturers. From Flyme clouds to balloons, as well as various custom pins for collector’s versions of smartphones. Each pin is full of memories and feelings of the fans.

Meizu Flyme SIM eject pins
Meizu Flyme SIM eject pins

9. The fingerprint sensor located on the front
iPhone 5s is the world’s first phone with a fingerprint recognition sensor built into the Home button. At the time, there was no Android product that could oppose it. And here came the company Meizu, which produced the world’s first Android phone with fingerprint recognition with front-touch – Meizu MX4 Pro.

Meizu MX4 Pro front fingerprint sensor

10. Design peak – iF Design Gold Award for Meizu Zero
In 2019. Meizu introduced the Meizu Zero concept product. And in this case, the company is a pioneer. This is the world’s first phone without any openings. A ceramic unibody, without physical buttons, with sound on the screen, fingerprint on the screen, wireless charging, wireless transmission, eSIM and a series of new technologies. That’s why Meizu Zero won the iF Design Gold Award in 2020.

Meizu Zero iF Design Gold Awar
Meizu Zero iF Design Gold Awar

11. The Fantasy Unicorn
Meizu has always had an affinity for white. From the MusicCard in the MP3 period, the white version of M8, the black and white in the MX phone to the color white in the Fantasy unicorn of 16s Pro. This color scheme must be present in the collection of fans.

Meizu Fantasy Unicorn
Meizu 16s Pro Fantasy Unicorn

12. The J-20 fighter and aircraft carrier Shandong
Meizu paid tribute to the Chinese military with the customized version of Meizu E3 J-20 and the limited edition of Meizu 17 Aircraft Carrier.

Meizu E3 J-20
Meizu 17 Aircraft Carrier

13. The Dream House for the Meizu 17 conference
In 2020. the sudden epidemic swept the world and all offline activities had to stop. Who would have thought that Meizu has organized a live broadcast from the specially built building. Countless fans watched the conference for the presentation of the flagship Meizu 17 series and enjoyed the spring beauty of Zhuhai.

Meizu 17 Conference Dream House
Meizu 17 Conference Dream House

14. Many concerts
In 2016. Meizu held a record number of conferences, launched a total of 14 mobile phones (two online) and invited 12 groups of performers to the presentations. It was almost a year-round concert.

Meizu concerts
Meizu Meilan Note5 concert

15. Lipro health lighting series
Meizu pointed out that there is still a lack of high-quality and relatively affordable lighting products on the market. Thus, in early 2021. the company has officially launched the lipro brand for healthy lighting, which includes high color rendering luminaires, reduced harmful blue light and low flicker.

Meizu Lipro

16. Meizu 18 – white dolphin, white panel
In accordance with the concept of environmental protection, Meizu has achieved strategic cooperation with the National Nature Reserve for Chinese white dolphins at the mouth of the Pearl River and launched a limited series Meizu 18 Chinese White Dolphin. It was the only all-white phone at the time with a four-curved panel. Making such a display is very expensive and highly defective, so smartphone manufacturers avoid it.

Meizu 18 White Dolphin
Meizu 18 White Dolphin

17. PANDAER – a new life of the mascot
In 2019, the seven-year-old mascot King Kong Panda grew into the new brand PANDAER. A series of products designed independently and in collaboration with other companies was launched. PANDAER has become a favorite brand of young charming friends.


18. Haloxylon – a guardian of the desert
Haloxylon withstands drought, salinity, daytime heat and night cold, and can survive in the desert for a hundred years. With its various initiatives, Meizu has long proven that it is not indifferent to nature conservation. This time it planted a haloxylon forest in the Chinese part of the Gobi Desert.

Meizu Haloxylon Gobi
Meizu Haloxylon Gobi

19. Meizu 19
The number 19 in the middle of the photo frame is naturally Meizu’s age. But that is also the name of the new phone that Meizu fans are looking forward to. 19th anniversary, 19th spring, the story of Meizu continues…