A new Meizu patent related to the camera design in a mobile terminal

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A new Meizu patent related to the camera design in a mobile terminal

A new patent (CN217563694U) of Meizu Technology was published on the China State Intellectual Property Office’s website. The utility model relates to the camera design in a mobile terminal. The mobile terminal can be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, smart wearable device, etc.

According to the patent specification, most mobile terminals currently use multiple cameras that perform different functions. Each camera includes a corresponding photosensitive module (CCD or CMOS sensor) and a lens module (set of lenses). The limited space of the mobile terminal also limits the number of cameras. The purpose of this patent is to separate the image sensor module and the lens module.

Meizu patent CN217563694U camera

In the Meizu utility model, the photosensitive module (31) is placed on a moving photosensitive frame (32) and is selectively connected to the corresponding lens module (21). The number and parameters of the optical lenses in each lens module can be different to achieve different camera functions.

The photosensitive frame may be provided with a splined opening and the helical spline shaft passes through the spline hole. The drive mechanism (41) rotates the photosensitive frame relative to the helical spline shaft, thus bringing it closer or further away from the lens unit and can also realize the focusing function.

Meizu’s patent simultaneously saves a significant part of the internal space of the mobile phone or other type of terminal and reduces its cost.

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