Charity auction of Meizu 18 Chinese White Dolphin Rare Edition

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Meizu 18 Chinese White Dolphin Rare Edition No. 01

Meizu Technology is a company that has never been indifferent to the destruction of nature and believes that environmental protection should be a part of every product’s life.

On August 18, 2015. Meizu has officially launched the first environmental project in the Chinese mobile phone industry – mCycle. According to the company’s statistics, more than 770,000 phones have been recycled since the project’s inception, effectively reducing damage from waste batteries and harmful metals to land and water resources.

A new mCycle 2.0 charger replacement plan was launched in March this year, with more than 90,000 units recycled to date.

On the occasion of June 8, World Ocean Day, a cooperation agreement was signed between Meizu and the Pearl River Estuary Chinese White Dolphin Protection Base. This river is one of the busiest waters in China and even in the world. Human activity is a great threat to its inhabitants.

Signing Ceremony of Meizu and Pearl River Estuary Chinese White Dolphin Protection Base

Chinese white dolphins are an endangered species, numbering only about 2,000 and declining by 2.5% per year. In this regard, the company has released a very limited edition of Meizu 18 for connoisseurs of smartphones with a white front panel. Of the limited series Meizu 18 Chinese White Dolphin Rare Edition only 88 units were produced, with each box having a serial number from 01 to 88. Their price of 5888 yuan, due to the high cost of the white panel, did not prevent the units from being sold immediately.

However, it turned out that Meizu kept the phone with serial number 01. Together with the Jingdong Foundation, an auction will be organized tomorrow on the website, and the proceeds will be donated to the environmental organization Alxa SEE, which develops projects to protect marine biodiversity.

“Every brand and individual wishing for a better planet should not stay out of the way. Environmental protection is not marketing and it is not just public welfare. It requires a price,” Meizu wrote in its official Weibo profile.