Flyme 7 is already a fact

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Flyme 7

Flyme 7 was unveiled on April 22 during the official announcement of the Meizu 15 series.

The updated user interface came out almost 17 months after Flyme 6 and comes with many new features and improvements to the old ones. All stock applications have small or large functional changes, with the biggest changes being Weather, Music, Camera, Settings and the System Launcher.

Bright colors and smooth animations; animated weather forecast states; improved One Mind; search for an application in alphabetical order; notification bubbles; unlocking the phone by facial recognition; AI-based photo beautification by recognizing gender, age, skin type…; Square Sound Effect added to the music listening app; protection when listening to music with headphones; Eye-friendly Mode to protect eyesight; data rescue, in case of system failure or broken display and much more.

Flyme 7