Flyme: Pure extreme fantasy

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FlymeOS Meizu

As we know, FlymeOS is a smartphone firmware developed by Meizu Technology. Flyme is based on the Android operating system, but has a deeply customized user interface.

The first version of Flyme was released on June 25, 2012 for Meizu MX. However, since Meizu M8, which is based on Windows CE, we see redesigning the icons and customizing the user interface. Today, Meizu M8 is located in the showroom of Microsoft’s headquarters in Beijing.

Meizu M8 Microsoft

Unlike the company name, which has an equivalent spelling and Chinese characters, Meizu (魅族), Flyme is spelled only in English.

Where did the idea for the Flyme name and logo come from?

Flying House

The inspiration is said to have come from the Flying House from the 2009 Disney movie “Up”. Just like these balloons, the stylized logo of the user interface looks like, and the message is “Fly me” (make me fly, fly with me).



  1. Boris Borisov

    I really like Meizu. It is legal for me as a consumer. I handle it easily. Maybe because of Flyme, I don’t know. I wouldn’t change it for another.


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