Recovering a forgotten Flyme account password

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Recovering a forgotten Flyme account password

When creating an account on a site, it is good to remember the username and password, because someday later you will have to log in to the site again. This also applies to your Flyme account. You will need the Flyme password if for some reason you need to reset your Meizu smartphone to factory settings or change it to another model from the same company.

But if you forgot it, it’s not fatal. There is a way to recover your account using the Forgotten Password option from the Meizu site login form. To do this, open this link in a browser and follow the steps shown below:

Recovering a forgotten Flyme account password

In the first step, write your Flyme account (if you remember) or phone number. When you start typing the number, a drop-down menu will appear on the left to select the country code. Fill in the code from the picture, following the uppercase and lowercase letters, and press the button to go to the next step.

Recovering a forgotten Flyme account password

In the second step, you have to write down your phone number again (or email, depending on where you want the verification code to be sent to you). Click Get code and you will receive a 6-digit code on your phone (or email). Enter it and press the button again for the next step.

IMPORTANT: If your phone is locked due to entering wrong screen lock passwords, move the SIM card to another phone so you can see the received code.

Recovering a forgotten Flyme account password

Here you need to enter the new Flyme password, the same in both fields, and click the Reset password button. That’s it. You can now sign in with your new password.

IMPORTANT: In addition to the password, it is advisable to remember the Flyme username. It is also advisable to add an email to the Flyme account. This is necessary because you may need to change your phone number. Then you will have to log in with your username or request the email code to recover the forgotten password.


  1. Petar Maksimov

    2 years ago we had a problem with the Meizu M8 phone and in order to log in we created an account in Flyme. The phone unlocked and worked perfectly until today, when the wrong pin was inserted several times while holding it in your hand.
    The problem is that I don’t remember the Flyme password.
    Following the steps described above, I get to the point that a code is sent to me, but due to the locked phone I can’t see it.
    How can I reset my Flyme password? And from there to unlock the phone.


  2. Meizu m5c

    i want to find my password on flyme account
    my number is 01014625062 this number i do the account send to me message

      1. joanaval rayam d. bacus

        Me to. I forgot the password in flyme how recovery. Please help me. Thank you…

  3. Lucas

    My Meizu phone is locked . It’s saying phone locked how can i open it I don’t no my pass word kindly help me. Send me a pass word


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