Meizu 19 manager plan continues. Will we see a foldable phone from Meizu?

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Meizu 19 manager plan continues. Will we see a foldable phone from Meizu?

It is already clear that the Meizu 19 series will be released in the first quarter of next year. For now, the company is relying on the Meizu 19 manager plan to maintain interest. After discussing the attitudes of users regarding the capacity and charging power of the battery, respectively the thickness of the smartphone, the Meizu 19 manager plan continues.

Two weeks ago, preferences were discussed regarding the texture and feel of the phone, and more specifically the material of the middle frame. The aluminum frame received the most votes, and the possible options in the vote were:
1. Middle frame made of aluminum alloy, and the whole machine is made of aluminum alloy. Light weight and matte finish.
2. Middle frame made of stainless steel. Glossy and scratch resistant. The weight of the whole machine is about 35g heavier than aluminum alloy.
3. Medium frame made of titanium alloy and heavier phone. Glossy, scratch and drop resistant, higher price compared to aluminum frame.
4. Plastic middle frame, less phone weight and more competitive price.
5. There is no requirement for the material of the middle frame.

The next survey in last week’s Meizu 19 manager plan was about sound quality. Which is more important to users: the improvement of external playback or the better Bluetooth audio experience.

Logically, most users prefer a better experience with dual speakers, because in everyday life, external sound reproduction is at a higher frequency. In terms of the Bluetooth experience, if you’re really looking for sound quality, there is a high probability that you will still use wired headphones.

Today’s latest query is about foldable smartphones. In terms of folding methods, they are mainly divided into three types: horizontal folding inward, horizontal folding outward, and vertical folding inward.

Today’s poll question is, “Which form of foldable screen would you rather try?”
1. Horizontally folded inward, with dual screens inside and outside; with a larger screen field of view when unfolded; relatively heavy and cost about 10,000 yuan.
2. Vertically folded inwards; stylish in appearance, light and portable; with a small battery, and the price is about 7000 yuan.
3. Horizontally folded outward; relatively thin and light; when folded, it is close to the experience of a candy bar phone; the screen is not well protected and the price is about 10,000 yuan.

Although there is almost a week until the end of the voting, the second option stands out as the favorite.

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