Meizu 27W Super Wireless Charger Pad

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Meizu 27W Super Wireless Charger Pad

One of the accessories presented at the Meizu 17 conference on May 8 is Meizu 27W Super Wireless Charger Pad. This is the company’s second and improved wireless charging pad, after Meizu WP01.

Meizu WP02 has a minimalist compact design without edges and with a coating of non-slip liquid silicone. Available in white.

Meizu 27W Super Wireless Charger Pad provides up to 27W of charging power for Meizu 17 Pro and up to 10W for other Qi, EPP-standard devices. It has a built-in intelligent chip for protection against overvoltage and low voltage, overheating, overcurrent and short circuit, detection of foreign objects.

Meizu 27W Super Wireless Charger Pad

On the side there is a practical LED indication, through which you can assess the status of the charger, or whether the phone’s battery is charged.

The wireless charger is also equipped with a large active cooling fan. The 23-blade fan design significantly improves heat dissipation at super low noise levels. For Meizu smartphones, intelligent night silent mode can also be launched – when Flyme Night mode is activated, the fan speed is slower.

• Model: WP02
• Input: 5V-12V/3A, 20V/1.8A, 20V/2A
• Output: 27W MAX/Meizu 17 Pro, 10W/Qi, EPP
• Input interface: USB Type-C
• Body material: liquid silicone (LSR), polycarbonate (PC)