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Meizu sonic electric toothbrush with anti-splash technology

At the conference on October 23, in addition to its first gaming smartphone Meizu 16T, the company also presented four accessories. Among them is the world’s first sonic electric toothbrush with anti-splash technology. That is, Meizu’s new lip accessory prevents toothpaste from slipping off the head, which is commonly seen with most other offerings, including the Philips 9 series, which is one of the best-selling in China. The toothbrush was developed in collaboration with Taikang Bybo Dental, a leader in China in the production of dental accessories.

The body of the Meizu electric toothbrush is made of plastic with antibacterial and anti-mold protection and is cylindrical in shape. In front of the device are the power button and several LED indicators that show the mode of operation of the brush (whitening, polishing, massage and sensitive mode) and the remaining battery charge. The battery is built-in and rechargeable via a 360° wireless charging station, included in the kit and supporting fast charging. Meizu claims that the battery lasts about a month.

As with other electric toothbrushes, Meizu’s offers replaceable heads, and two are included in the set. The bristles for the brush are supplied by the American chemical concern DuPont.

Meizu sonic electric toothbrush with anti-splash technology

The electric toothbrush has a new generation vibromotor that vibrates at a frequency of 32,000 times per minute and an amplitude of 5.5 mm. It is this motor that is the main component that prevents toothpaste from slipping out of the head, and the technology is patented by Meizu. The brush is also equipped with a timer that reminds you to change the cleaning area every 30 seconds.

As a product that often comes into contact with water, Meizu’s sonic electric toothbrush has a level of water resistance IPX7. This ensures that the brush will continue to work even after immersion in water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes, which is almost impossible to happen in real conditions.

The price of the product is quite good – in China it is 299 yuan (about 42 dollars), much lower than the most popular Philips model, which sells for 999 yuan (about 141 dollars). Replaceable heads are sold in sets of two at a price of 59 yuan (about $7).