Meizu Bluetooth and Meizu Mini selfie sticks

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Meizu Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod

Meizu has also thought about selfie lovers. For this purpose the company has produced two options – Meizu Bluetooth and Meizu Mini selfie sticks. Both sticks are very compact, light and comfortable to use. Available in three colors – black, pink and blue. They are compatible with both Android and iOS.

Meizu Bluetooth Selfie Stick with tripod stand
Take the perfect selfie or record super stable video with this Meizu tripod stick. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so there are no annoying cables. It is very easy to use with just one button to activate the camera.

Meizu Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod

The telescopic rod is made of wear-resistant anodized aluminum alloy. The handle is covered with matte textured plastic, which makes it difficult for the self-timer to slip out of your hands. In addition to connecting to the smartphone wirelessly, the stick is also equipped with a remote control for shooting (the part with the button can be detached). The phone holder can rotate at any angle. The Meizu Bluetooth Selfie Stick has the option to transform into a tripod for recording videos from a static position, as well as for selfies from a distance greater than the length of the telescope. Battery capacity allows up to 10,000 shots in a row with a single charge.

• Bluetooth: version 3.0
• Range: up to 10 meters
• Battery: Li-Ion 60mAh
• Maximum telescope length: 42.5cm
• Weight: 162 grams

Meizu Mini Selfie Stick
Meizu Mini Selfie Stick is also very practical and does almost the same job. However, it connects to the phone via a 3.5 mm jack via a cable, it cannot be transformed into a tripod, but its price is half that of its wireless multifunction counterpart.

Just plug and play, no need for additional software and also a battery. The maximum length of the telescope is 58 centimeters and the weight of the Meizu Mini Selfie Stick is 158 grams.

Meizu Mini Selfie Stick
Meizu Mini Selfie Stick