Meizu Flow 3-Driver hybrid headphones

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Meizu Flow 3-Driver hybrid headphones

The Meizu Flow 3-Driver Hybrid headphones are another product of the company, whose appearance is the work of the young but world-famous Japanese designer Kosho Tsuboi. With beautiful texture and ergonomic design, achieved through precise CNC technology and powder metallurgy. The curved surface fits perfectly in the ear, providing stability and comfort.

The good sound of the hybrid headphones is ensured by three drivers – one dynamic for bass depth and two highly sensitive balanced drivers to improve the resolution and layering in the middle and high frequencies, accompanied by a specialized frequency division scheme providing balanced multiband audio.

Meizu Flow 3-Driver hybrid headphones

The Meizu Flow 3-Driver Hybrid was developed jointly by Meizu’s Senior Research and Development Department and the Acoustics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with additional three-band optimization of the frequency response curve. This allows for more balanced sound and improved performance in voice playback and audio detail processing.

Flow are upgraded with Bass venting system (BVS, bass reflex). They have a personalized channel to control the movement of air and extend the response time to the low frequency. They use a dynamic driver with optimized space, combined with a curved microfilter to further increase the clarity and dynamic range of the sound and to achieve deep bass sound.

The high-quality silver-plated copper wire provides low resistance and a high degree of conductivity throughout the cable. The MEMS microphone allows exceptional call purity. Meizu Flow 3-Driver Hybrid Earphones use separate wires for microphone and audio, in order to further reduce electrical interference from the wire, ensuring authentic sound reproduction.

Meizu Flow 3-Driver хибридни слушалки

The set includes six pairs of ear tips in two colors and three types of material – silicone, two-layer and inert. There is also a portable silica gel case, as well as an adapter for connecting the headphones to the entertainment system of the aircrafts.

Meizu Flow 3-Driver hybrid headphones


• Model: Meizu Flow 3-Driver Hybrid Earphones
• Headphone category: Wired
• Color: Lunar silver/cosmic black
• Net weight: 22.7g
• Cable length: 1.18m
• Resistance: 32Ω
• Jack: 3.5mm; straight pin
• Frequency range: 10Hz – 30KHz
• Control: Cable, three buttons
• Sensitivity: 105dB at 1KHz

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