Meizu GaN 65W charger exposed

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Meizu Super mCharge 55W MWC 2017

Three years ago, at the 2017 MWC World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, ​​Meizu unveiled its own 55W super fast charge, which can charge a 3000mAh battery in 20 minutes. The company has shown muscle in front of a number of international manufacturers. But unfortunately, we never saw a real application of Super mCharge. The fastest charging implemented by Meizu so far is mCharge 4.0 25W (5V 5A) in Meizu PRO7 Plus, launched in August 2017.

Meizu Super mCharge 55W

A photo of a new Meizu 65W GaN (gallium nitride) charger leaked to Weibo yesterday. This semiconductor material has many advantages and allows the chargers to be significantly more compact at the same power, and can even replace silicon in the production of chips.

Meizu GaN 65W charger

If the photo is authentic, it means that Meizu will be the fourth mobile phone company after OPPO, Xiaomi and Nubia to launch such a charger. The photo also shows that the charger has two output ports – USB-A and USB-C to support the main market protocols for fast charging.

Another question is whether it will be presented together with Meizu 17 and whether it will find application in this flagship model. According to rumors so far, Meizu 17 should have 30W wireless fast charging. If it is combined with 65W wired charging, then the new flagship will really have impressive features, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and the Wi-Fi 6 standard for wireless networks.