Meizu HD60 ANC: Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancelation

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Meizu HD60 ANC: Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancelation

Half a year after the introduction of the around-ear Bluetooth headphones Meizu HD60, the company released their new and improved version – Meizu HD60 ANC.

In appearance, the two pairs of headphones are the same. The headband of Meizu HD60 ANC is again made of stainless steel, fabric and calfskin, and the earphones are made of protein leather. Modern, comfortable and breathable. However, they are available (for now) only in black.

Meizu HD60 ANC also support Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, Qualcomm cVc dual microphone technology to reduce ambient noise during calls, Qualcomm aptX HD audio codec, Hi-Res certificate and sound distortion below 0.5%. Here, too, is the 3.5mm wired jack to save battery power or if the device you’re listening to music doesn’t support Bluetooth.

The touch control of Meizu HD60 ANC is the same as their predecessor. Adjusting the volume is by swiping up/down, swiping forward/backward to change the song, double-tapping to stop/play or receive phone calls, and a long tap wakes up the voice assistant (Meizu Aicy, Xiao AI Classmate, Apple Siri…).

Meizu HD60 ANC: Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancelation

And this is where the differences between the two types of headphones begin.
The custom 40mm diaphragm of Meizu HD60 ANC has a beryllium coating. It has low weight, high hardness and excellent acoustic characteristics.

Meizu HD60 ANC are equipped with Sony’s professional CDX3775A chip. The chip integrates low-latency and high-resolution signal processing capabilities, and achieves stable hybrid active noise reduction through binaural bidirectional microphones for external noise monitoring.

The switch at the bottom of the right ear cup can be used to switch between ambient sound mode, active noise-canceling mode and normal mode. And by lightly covering the cup with your hand, you can quickly switch from noise reduction mode to ambient sound mode, which is convenient for talking to people or just to hear what’s going on around without taking off the headphones.

Meizu HD60 ANC are also equipped with new technology for fast charging via USB-C interface, as well as a larger 900mAh battery compared to that of the previous Meizu HD60 headphones, whose capacity was 500mAh. Charging for 5 minutes can provide 2 hours of battery life, and a full battery gives 17 hours of wireless music listening with noise reduction turned on.

• Bluetooth version: 5.0
• Resistance: 16Ω
• Frequency response range: 20Hz – 40kHz
• Microphone sensitivity: -42dB
• Battery capacity: 900mAh
• Bluetooth effective distance: 10 meters
• Maximum power: 100mW
• Headphone sensitivity: 103dB
• Battery life (with noise reduction): 17 hours