Meizu LIVE Quad-Driver Hi-Res Headphones

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Meizu LIVE Quad-Driver Hi-Res Headphones

The Meizu LIVE headphones are of a high class and are designed for music lovers. They feature an ergonomic modular design and a stable tight fit, while preventing the possible effect of auscultation. They are made of metal and a transparent polycarbonate shell which makes visible the overall structure and internal components.

Meizu LIVE have a complex internal structure for separate audio transmission with a highly optimized three-frequency circuit. The headphones deliver incredible sound using four specially designed drivers with balanced armature from Knowles – two bass, midrange and treble, with independent metal sound tubes to achieve superior sound separation and reproduction. They also have a Hi-Res certificate for high resolution sound.

Meizu LIVE Quad-Driver Hi-Res Headphones

Meizu Live is available with additional modular adjustment nozzles. The nozzles are in three color variants – white, blue and black, for three different sound qualities – balanced, bright and full. Through them we can change the frequency that perfectly suits our music.

Meizu LIVE Quad-Driver Hi-Res Headphones

Meizu LIVE supports MEMS microphones and uses a cable with 8 braided copper cores with a silver coating. The low resistance below 0.4 ohms and the lack of solder guarantee better sound penetration with more pronounced details. The cable has MMCX coaxial connectors and can be removed.

Cable control supports play/pause, volume control, song and call switching. Compatible with Android phones (volume control is not available on iOS devices).

In addition, Meizu LIVE is available with seven types of earplugs in four different sizes. All plugs are made of high quality inert rubber, which provides exceptional sound insulation. The waterproof case has IPX7 degree of protection from wind and rain, and there is a special set of stainless steel for storing the nozzles.

Meizu LIVE Quad-Driver Hi-Res Headphones


• Frequency range: 20Hz ~ 40kHz
• Resistance: 18Ω
• Weight, together with the cable: 27g
• Cable length: 1.2m
• Type: In-ear
• Jack type: 3.5mm
• Output power: 3mW
• Sensitivity: 97dB @ 1kHz

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