Meizu, Meilan, mblu, lifeme and Lanchen: What is the connection between them?

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Hua Hailiang: Meizu, Meilan, mblu, lifeme and Lanchen

A few years ago, Meizu’s budget phones were sold under the Meilan brand in China, and for the international market it was the Meizu M series. They were aimed at a young audience and had a very good value for money, and the slogan was “Quality for Young”. Due to its financial difficulties, the company abandoned Meilan and started producing mid to high-end smartphones only, as they are more profitable.

Meizu Meilan smartphone

The Meilan (魅蓝) brand was recently restarted. However, it is already owned by Lanchen Technology, which does not mean that Meizu (魅族) has nothing to do with it.

Zhuhai Lanchen Technology Co., Ltd. was established on June 23, 2021 with a registered capital of 2 million yuan and the legal representative is Hua Hailiang. The scope of business includes research and development, production and sale of household appliances, production and sale of consumer equipment for smart home and others. Lanchen Technology has the same management address as Meizu Technology‘s headquarters.

Meilan mblu Blus ANC earphones Lanchen Technology

The Lanchen (蓝辰) company is jointly owned by Hua Hailiang, Zhuhai Meizu Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Fenghua Management Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership). Among them Zhuhai Meizu Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co., Ltd.

In addition to Meizu’s former vice president, Hua Hailiang, Zhuhai Lanchen Technology’s core staff includes Zheng Nan and Yang Dapeng, who is also a shareholder in the Zhuhai Fenghua Management Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership). Hua Hailiang is the CEO, Yang Dapeng is the manager and Zheng Nan is the supervisor.

Along with mblu, the lifeme product line, which is also already being developed by Lanchen Technology, was restarted. Previously, the lifeme brand sold everyday accessories such as Bluetooth speakers, umbrella, backpacks, a camera bag and a USB Type-C to Lightning data cable.

Meizu Lifeme BTS30 Speaker Bluetooth Portable
Meizu Lifeme Bluetooth Speaker Microphone
Meizu Lifeme umbrella
Meizu Lifeme backpack camera bag
Meizu Lifeme PD USB-C Lightning cable

After Lanchen Technology took over the management of Meilan, the mblu Blus ANC earphones, mblu HiFi decoding headphone amplifier, mblu 200W portable power station and lifeme hoodie were launched. We are expecting to see more products by the end of October.

Meilan Lifeme hoodie

Although Lanchen is connected to Meizu, it has an independent business policy and a separate website ( However, the new mblu and lifeme products are sold through the Meizu Mall online store. The mblu Blus ANC earphones are a direct competitor to Meizu POP Pro, but support Flyme for fast pairing.

After the restart of Meilan, consumers hoped that smartphones would be produced at more affordable prices again. Unfortunately, so far there are no such indications.

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