Meizu mobile phones will support DC dimming

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Meizu mobile phones will support DC dimming

Most of the flagships that have been produced recently come with OLED display panels. Despite their many advantages, OLED displays also have disadvantages. One of them is the oscillation at reduced brightness due to the pulse width modulation (PWM) for brightness control. This flicker leads to eye strain and headaches when staring at the phone for a long time.

To eliminate this shortcoming, DC dimming will be used by adjusting the magnitude of the DC current, and hence the power of the circuit. Its advantage is that the flicker is minimized and protects the eyes of consumers. In addition, the brightness of the OLED display is reduced. But this feature also has a drawback – complex circuit design and more difficult color control with a dimmed display, ie lower image quality. Therefore, it will be added as an option and can be turned on by people who are more sensitive to screen flicker.

The upcoming flagship Meizu 16s will support DC dimming. Hong Hansheng, one of Meizu’s system engineers, has revealed that the company’s other mobile phones will also receive this feature in future updates. Naturally, it applies to phones that can support it. So in the future, Meizu 16th, Meizu 16th Plus, Meizu 16, Meizu 15 and Meizu 15 Plus should support direct current dimming.

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