Meizu once again applied for registration of the Meilan trademark

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Meizu once again applied for registration of the Meilan trademark

These days it has become clear that Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. has re-applied for registration of several Meilan trademarks. The applications are dated June 2, and the international classification includes communication services, scientific instruments, advertising sales, website services, etc.

In 2014 Meizu applied for registration of the Meilan brand (魅蓝, Charm Blue) for the first time and launched it in the same year. The brand is not popular among global consumers, as it produced phones for the Chinese market. For the international market, smartphones had the letter “M” in the model’s name. For example, Meilan 6, Meilan S6, Meilan Note 6 outside China were sold as Meizu M6, Meizu M6s, Meizu M6 Note, etc.

In 2018 the company announced that from the end of 2014. more than 20 products have been launched under the Meilan brand, whose slogan was “Quality for Young”, and total sales of Meilan mobile phones have exceeded 50 million. It is clear from the slogan that the brand is aimed at young people but the lower price does not mean a compromise with quality.

Meizu Meilan (魅蓝, Charm Blue)

In the same year, Meizu announced its reorganization, the Meizu and Meilan divisions merged and the Meilan mobile phone product line came to the end. The last phone from this brand was Meilan 6T (Meizu M6T for the global market) from the end of May 2018.

In 2019, the company continued to shrink its product line and introduced only 7 smartphones, one of which was the conceptual Meizu Zero. At the end of the same year, it was announced that Meizu would focus on the high-end products. It will produce fewer but flagship smartphones and will drive profitability.

With the advent of fifth generation networks, the market for smartphones is becoming increasingly fierce. Competing brands such as OPPO, vivo and realme have launched many 5G mobile phones aimed at young consumers whose solvency is lower. Sales of flagship smartphones launched by Meizu over the past two years may be unsatisfactory, despite the company claiming good financial results.

It is possible that by re-applying for the Meilan brand, Meizu has decided to return to more budget phones, which will increase their sales and market share. But it is also possible to just keep it so that it does not already be registered by another company, if one day they decide to use it again. More recently, there was such a situation with Xiaomi. Their application from 2018. for registration of the MIX brand was finally rejected by the court, as it is similar to the Meizu MIX registered in 2016.