Meizu POP: Wireless Bluetooth headphones with a perfect sound

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Meizu POP Wireless Bluetooth headphones

In the last few years, flagships have started coming without 3.5mm headphone jacks. Meizu has not yet succumbed to this trend, with the exception of the recently introduced Meizu Zero, where the reason is understandable. The lack of a 3.5mm jack can only mean two things – either you need to use a USB Type-C adapter or get a Bluetooth headset.

Meizu POP are specially designed for sports and exercises with dual wireless construction. Without cables for a hassle-free experience, the kit comes with a storage box and wireless charging, providing exceptional simplicity and convenience.

The ergonomically designed headphones, each weighing only 5.8 grams, fit perfectly in your ears and will not fall out even during heavy exercise. Meizu POP are waterproof, meet the IPX5 standard, withstand sweat and rain.

The headphones use touch controls for operation. With one touch you can listen to music, make calls and enter Voice Assistant. By using touch buttons instead of physical buttons, Meizu POP avoids the noise of pressing a button and reduces the pressure on the ear canal.

Meizu POP безжични Bluetooth слушалки

Meizu POP offers crystal clear stereo sound with audio data transmitted to both headphones. The sealed microphone cavity structure and noise reduction technologies minimize background noise and echo, making the conversation as clear as face-to-face communication.

Sound quality is the soul of all headphones. Meizu POP are equipped with a Hi-Fi dynamic graphene diaphragm with a diameter of 6 mm, which provides a dense and powerful sound. The construction of the front cavity helps to balance and reduce the air pressure in the ear canal and achieve maximum comfort.

The headphone case is used for storage and charging and supports intelligent on/off with the help of magnetic induction. The headset starts automatically when you take it out of the box, and automatically switches off and starts charging when you put it back in the box. Pairing with the phone happens automatically when the headset is switched on, so you can listen to music immediately.

The Meizu POP headphone case has a USB Type-C charging interface. A pair of fully charged headphones with a capacity of 85mAh each can work 3 hours continuously, plus an additional 12 hours provided by the box with a 700 mAh battery – more than necessary for all-day use.

Meizu POP Wireless Bluetooth headphones