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Scale Meizu Smart Body Fat

Meizu Smart Body Fat Scale is another smart gadget of the company. The scale not only measures weight, but also assesses the overall physical condition of the body.

Meizu Smart Body Fat Scale monitors 12 different parameters, including total weight, body mass index, basal metabolism level, fat and muscle mass, visceral and subcutaneous fat, bone mass, protein percentage, hydration level and age of the user.

The device is synchronized with a smartphone (the display on the scale shows only the weight), and the MFit application allows you to monitor progress and distinguish data from measurements for different family members.

The white minimalist design and weighing only 1.36 kg allow the scale, almost as thick as a laptop, to fit into the home decor equally well in the living room and bedroom. The ultra-thin 18/20mm body makes perfect contact with the floor without the risk of tipping over.

The 6mm tempered glass with 3C certificate is resistant to breakage and guarantees stable load-bearing capacity. The non-slip feet made of thermoplastic polyurethane help the balance to adhere well to any surface. The numbers on the display are large enough to read without tilting.

Meizu Smart Body Fat Scale works with two ordinary AAA batteries. Battery life is not reported, but support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE allows power consumption to be minimized. The measurement accuracy is 100 grams and works in the range of 5-180 kilograms.

Meizu Smart Body Fat Scale

• Model: S1
• Measurement accuracy: 100 g
• Dimensions: 300 × 260 × 20 mm
• Power supply: 2 pcs. AAA dry batteries
• Net weight: approx. 1.36 kg
• Materials: tempered glass + ABS
• Measuring range: 5-180 kg
• Standard: Q / IHCB 01-2014