Meizu 17 and Meizu 17 Pro have also joined the Flyme 9 “Three Zero System” family

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Meizu 17 and Meizu 17 Pro have also joined the Flyme 9 „Three Zero System“ family

As we know, the new 9th version of the Flyme firmware was introduced in early March, along with this year’s flagship series Meizu 18 and Meizu 18 Pro.

Flyme 9 is a big upgrade over Flyme 8 in many ways. The home screen and grid system have been significantly redesigned, new dynamic wallpapers and new animations have been added to the Always On Display function. The OneMind thought engine, the Small Window Mode function, the Aicy artificial intelligence, the mSmart 5G algorithm, the Super Night Mode, the Gaming Mode and many others have been improved.

But the biggest improvement of Flyme 9, which is the main selling point, is security. This time, Meizu has put a lot of emphasis on protecting users’ personal data, imposing many restrictions on the installation and subsequent use of third-party applications. A way has been found to “bypass” the permissions of the applications for access to the internal storage, the phonebook, the camera, the microphone, etc. by sending blank information or just information that the user agrees to share. The user can also determine how precisely to be located by applications that require access to his location.

Meizu points out another big advantage of Flyme 9 in the Meizu 18 series. According to the company, it is mandatory for the flagship phones to come pre-installed with a clean operating system as standard (three zeros) – 0 ads, 0 pushes and 0 third-party applications pre-installed. This, of course, is at the expense of the revenues of smartphone companies, but Meizu believes that the user is the most important and should be given complete freedom, which is the essence of the Internet world.

As announced, first to Flyme 9 will be upgraded Meizu 17 and Meizu 17 Pro. The stable update for these two models should be ready in May. This morning, however, the company officially announced that the Meizu 17 series will also receive the safe and clean Flyme 9 system without ads, without notifications and without pre-installations.

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