PANDAER mechanical keyboard, PANDAER 118W power bank and PANDAER „Rebuilding“ panda figure

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PANDAER mechanical keyboard, PANDAER 118W power bank and PANDAER „Rebuilding“ panda figure

At the press conference on September 22, in addition to Meizu 18s, Meizu 18s Pro, Meizu 18X and Flyme 9.2, many other products from the Lipro and PANDAER series were presented.

The PANDAER series is aimed at young people. New models of T-shirts, sweatshirts, smartphone cases for the Meizu 17, Meizu 18 and Meizu 18s series, for Meizu 18X, cases for the iPhone 13 series, a cross shoulder bag, keychains, badges were presented.

PANDAER keychains badges bag

However, the PANDAER family is taking on a new look. With this brand and under the motto “The rebuilding has begun” Meizu has developed technological products together with leading companies on the market. On its website Meizu Mall, the company has launched a one-month crowdfunding for these products, which will be shipped after October 22.

PANDAER x IQUNIX super sensitive transparent mechanical keyboard

Mass membrane keyboards have a rubber membrane under each key. When you press a button, the diaphragm bends and the graphite below closes the electrical circuit, thus sending a signal for pressing the corresponding button. If you type fast, you may not be able to press each key well and miss a letter or number in the text you type.

In contrast, mechanical keyboards have a mechanical switch under each button. With the mechanical keyboard, you don’t have to press the key all the way to the bottom to register it, which means you can press halfway and stop. This results in faster typing speed and less fatigue. These keyboards allow you to change the switches and key caps, press several buttons at once and are suitable for typists, programmers and gamers. They are naturally bulkier, heavier and much more expensive.

PANDAER keyboard mechanical switches

The transparent mechanical PANDAER keyboard, developed jointly with IQUNIX, supports three types of connection (via cable, Wi-Fi 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.1) and ensures stable signal transmission. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, and the large battery provides up to 3000 hours of operation on a single charge. The set includes a dust cover, a USB Type-C data cable, a switch puller and a Wi-Fi receiver.

The user can choose between several types of keyboards depending on the switch manufacturer (Cherry or TTC), the type of switch according to color (linear, tactile or clicky), and whether the keyboard has a RGB backlight or not. Price starts at 699 yuan (about $108).

PANDAER mechanical keyboard RGB backlight


• Number of keys: 83
• Keys programming: Yes
• Material: ABS and PBT (keycaps)
• Life: 50 million to 100 million clicks
• Backlight: RGB, 16 million colors
• Battery: 4000mAh
• Input: 5V 1A
• Response time: 1ms (cable, Wi-Fi 2.4G), 8ms (Bluetooth)
• Polling rate: 1000Hz (cable, Wi-Fi 2.4G), 125Hz (Bluetooth)
• Net weight: about 1050g
• Cable length: 180cm
• Dimensions: 325*163*65mm

PANDAER х SHARGE 118W 20000mAh transparent power bank

The power bank is completely transparent, made of fireproof PC and sandblasted oxidized aluminum alloy. Supports multiple fast charge protocols. It is equipped with a full-color IPS display for monitoring information. It is suitable for charging the Meizu 17 and Meizu 18 series.

PANDAER 118W 20000mAh power bank

The external battery developed together with SHARGE (Shineji) can be purchased individually or in a set with a solar charging armor and a 65W charger. The price depends on the combination and starts from 699 yuan.

PANDAER power bank solar charging armor 65w charger


• Standard: GB/T35590一2017
• Display: 1,14” TFT IPS
• Resolution: 240*135 pixels
• Battery: 20000mAh/72Wh
• Rated capacity: 12000mAh (5V/3A)
• Cell type: 21700 lithium-ion
• Weight: 450g
• Dimensions: 65*156*30.4mm
• Interface: 1*USB-C, 1*USB-A
• USB-C input: 65W
• USB-A output: 18W
• USB-C output: 100W
• USB-C + USB-A output: 118W

PANDAER „Rebuilding“ panda figure

The third product presented is a panda figure – the company’s mascot. It will be produced in a limited series designed for collectors. The figure is 16cm high, multi-form changeable, an eyes closed version, and the set also includes do-it-yourself stickers. It is made of polyurethane resin. It costs 599 yuan (about $93).

PANDAER Rebuilding panda figure