Pro Update Translation Tool REBORN

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Pro Update Translation Tool REBORN

We all know that the Chinese versions (A) of Flyme are considered better than the global ones (G) – they are updated more often, the firmware runs smoother and has more features. However, they are tailored to the habits and needs of the Chinese user and have their drawbacks for others. They come pre-installed with Chinese-specific apps, without Google services and only have an English translation.

The Russians, and in particular the PRO Update team, have taken up the task of correcting these shortcomings and have developed the PUTT REBORN (Pro Update Translation Tool). PUTT REBORN is a powerful tool for translating and patching Meizu smartphones with a Chinese version of Flyme. What features does it contain?

• Full localization – correction of system files, removal of Chinese applications and replacement of Chinese graphics (paid version);
• Partial localization, analog of MoreLocale 2 + complete removal of Chinese applications;
• Check from the application for accessible locations;
• Different user groups (Developer/Free/Pro/Tester);
• Ability to change the language of the system (as part of the partial translation function);
• Installation of Google services (5.1 – 9.0), without a need to restore factory settings;
• Installing BootLogo for Meizu M6 Note;
• Receive over-the-air (OTA) updates.

For PUTT REBORN to work, the phone must have root user rights. New updated translations for different versions of Flyme come out every Wednesday or Friday. For more details follow the topic in the 4pda forum.