Meizu Lipro: Real evaluation of health lighting series

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Meizu Lipro

Earlier this year, Meizu entered the AIoT market with its new subbrand Lipro. Lipro brand products are in the field of lighting and aim to make our home intelligent and healthy.

The Lipro luminaires have a high color rendering index Ra97, are in the safe group RG0 for harmful blue light and without visible oscillations. The aim is to avoid eye damage during prolonged stay in rooms with artificial lighting, from which nowadays a large part of the population suffers.

Lipro ceiling lamps are equipped with intelligent control of brightness and color temperature through application, and they can be fitted with a panel for stepless dimming. The control application is compatible with phones based on Android and Hongmeng (HarmonyOS).

These features have obviously impressed the popular Chinese technology blogger Hang Johnson, who has furnished his home entirely with Lipro luminaires. Hang Johnson posted a short video review on his Weibo profile with nearly 3.5 million followers.

“The decoration of the home is basically completed. It is too difficult to choose the lights during the process. The lights in the Lighting City are mostly 90% in color rendering and some parameters are not even given. Both the downlights and ceiling lights in my home are equipped with Lipro. I recommend it to everyone,” Hang wrote below the video.

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