Return to the global version of Flyme for Meizu 16Xs and Meizu Note 9

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Return to the global version of Flyme for Meizu 16Xs and Meizu Note 9

As we already know, smartphones with Android 9 and up are subject to the restrictions imposed by Google with the integration of Android Verified Boot 2.0. That is, we cannot switch from a global to a Chinese version of Flyme or vice versa if it has an older security patch date than our current version. We also can’t return an older version of Flyme (do downgrade).

When you try to install a version with an older security patch, the following message appears on the phone screen:

Security patch version outdated

Some users of the global versions of Meizu 16Xs and Meizu Note 9 wanted to try the Chinese firmware, which has more extras than the global one. But because Google Mobile Services (GMS) are not built into the Chinese version of Flyme, this often leads to the failure of some Google applications. For this reason, users want to go back to the global firmware.

For Meizu 16Xs and Meizu Note 9, this is now possible. These days, Meizu has released an update to the closed beta version of these two models. It excludes the security patch date check, with the idea that participants in the test program can return to the latest stable version of Flyme A if the beta version causes them problems. However, this also allows for a return to Flyme G.

To do this, download the appropriate test version for your model and install it, necessarily with wipe data. It may not be through Recovery Mode, but by clicking on the file.

Flyme daily for Meizu 16Xs: Download
Flyme daily for Meizu Note 9: Download

Then download the appropriate global versions of Flyme for your phone.

Flyme for Meizu 16Xs: Download
Flyme for Meizu Note 9: Download

Note Be sure to back up your photos, contacts and other valuable files, as the disc will be formatted! Move the created archive to a computer, from where you can restore it. Remember that the battery must be at least 20% of its charge!

Move the downloaded file to the main directory of the phone. Turn off the phone and start it by pressing and holding the Power and Volume- buttons at the same time.

Meizu 16Xs Recovery Mode
Meizu 16Xs Recovery Mode

After starting the phone, using the Volume+/Volume- button change the menu until Recovery Mode is displayed. Confirm with the Power button. You will also be prompted to check the Erase disk option. Mark it, confirm and wait for the installation to complete.

That’s it. Your Meizu 16Xs or Meizu Note 9 has been successfully returned to the Flyme Global version.