The Meilan brand smartphones are really back

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The Meilan brand smartphones are really back

After the return of the Meilan (mblu) brand with the production of peripheral products, there was talk of a possible resumption of the production of smartphones. After a long silence on the issue, at a meeting with Guangzhou fans in late October, Meizu hinted that this is possible with sufficient interest.

A screenshot from Meizu’s store on Suning’s website was posted on the Chinese social network Weibo these days. The poster, which was removed immediately, shows the alleged phone of the budget brand and the inscription “Meilan 10 new product”. The smartphone has a water drop shaped slot for the front camera and three lens openings in the camera module at the back.

Meilan mblu 10

It is not clear how credible this screenshot is, but this morning Meizu officially confirmed the return of the “blue” smartphones of the Meilan brand, which since its creation in 2014 was aimed at young audiences. The company pointed out that despite the oversaturated market, there is still something to offer. High quality with a good design and good user experience can be achieved with a basic hardware equipment.

The last phone of this brand was Meilan 6T (Meizu M6T for the global market), announced at the end of May 2018 – with a 5.7″ display, dual rear camera, MediaTek MT6750 processor, 2/3/4GB RAM and 16/32/64GB storage space.

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