The white front panel of smartphones is in Meizu’s genes

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The white front panel of smartphones is in Meizu's genes

The white front panel is emblematic of Meizu smartphones, it is in the company’s genes. Over the years, almost all of its models had white-bezel variants.

Mobile phone manufacturers are avoiding white panels because of their high cost, especially in the era of bezel-less phones. However, Meizu did not betray its fans of the white panel. Until this year…

This year’s Meizu 18 series has a four-sided curved display, which further complicates the production of a beautiful-looking white panel. In addition, the wastage rate is very high. However, the company decided to please the biggest fans with a very limited series with white bezels on the top version of the smaller model from this year’s flagships.

From Meizu 18 Chinese White Dolphin Rare Edition 12/256GB were produced only 88 units with an individual box number from 01 to 88. Despite the high price of 5888 yuan, it was sold out instantly. The number 01 was additionally sold at a charity auction on the Jingdong website, and the proceeds were donated to the environmental organization Alxa SEE. At the auction, the Meizu 18 Chinese White Dolphin Rare Edition reached a price of just over 35,000 yuan (about $5,500).

Let’s take a look in the gallery which Meizu smartphones have received white bezels, with the stipulation that it is possible to have a pass, as well as that some of the models are designed only for the Chinese or only for the global market.

Meizu MX3
Meizu MX4
Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition
Meizu MX4 Pro
Meizu MX5 gold
Meizu MX5 silver
Meizu PRO 5 gold
Meizu PRO 5 silver
Meizu PRO 6 gold
Meizu PRO 6 rose gold
Meizu PRO 6 silver
Meizu MX6 gold
Meizu MX6 silver
Meizu PRO 6s gold
Meizu PRO 6s pink
Meizu PRO 6s silver
Meizu PRO 6 Plus gold
Meizu PRO 6 Plus silver
Meizu PRO 7 standard edition champagne gold
Meizu PRO 7 high edition champagne gold
Meizu 15 Lite gold
Meizu 15 ceramic white
Meizu 15 gold
Meizu 15 Plus gold
Meizu 16th and Meizu 16th Plus
Meizu 16 (Meizu 16X)
Meizu M8 Lite (Meizu V8)
Meizu M8 (Meizu V8 Pro)
Meizu Note 8
Meizu 16s
Meizu 16Xs
Meizu 16s Pro
Meizu 17
Meizu 17 Pro
Meizu 18 Chinese White Dolphin Rare Edition

Despite the higher price of the white front panel, smartphones from the company’s budget subbrand Meilan (Meizu M-series for the global market) have also acquired one over the years. Let’s see who they are:

Meizu M1 Metal blue
Meizu M1 Metal gold
Meizu M1 Metal pink
Meizu M1 Metal silver
Meizu M3 Note gold
Meizu M3 Note silver
Meizu M3s gold
Meizu M3s silver
Meizu U20
Meizu U20 pink
Meizu U10
Meizu M3 Max gold
Meizu M3 Max silver
Meizu M1E blue
Meizu M1E gold
Meizu M1E pink
Meizu M1E silver
Meizu M3x
Meizu M5 Note blue
Meizu M5 Note silver
Meizu M5 Note gold
Meizu M5s gold
Meizu M5s rose gold
Meizu M5s silver
Meizu M2E gold
Meizu M2E silver
Meizu M5a gold
Meizu M5a silver
Meizu M3E
Meizu M5c pink
Meizu M6 Note gold
Meizu M6 Note silver
Meizu M6 gold
Meizu M6 silver
Meizu M6s gold
Meizu M6s silver
Meizu M8c gold
Meizu M8c red
Meizu M6T gold