What to expect from the Meizu 19 series?

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In the last few years, Meizu Technology has been among the manufacturers with a small market share. However, this year the company released not a few products.

Meizu started the year with its new series of healthy LED lighting, which was unveiled on January 5th. Under the Lipro brand we saw bulbs, downlights, cabinet light, foot lighting lamps, LED strip and intelligent ceiling lamps with adjustable brightness and color temperature. Lipro luminaires are in the safe group RG0 for harmful blue light, with a high color rendering index Ra97 and without visible flickers.

The official presentation of the Meizu POP Pro wireless earphones was on January 11. These are the company’s first TWS earphones with active noise reduction. Meizu POP Pro supports Flyme for quick pairing with the phone.

On March 2 and 3, the updated company interface Flyme 9 and the flagship Meizu 18 series were presented, respectively. Flyme 9 has undergone major changes in both design and security. Meizu 18 and Meizu 18 Pro are equipped with QHD+ AMOLED micro curved displays with 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz sampling rate. They are powered by the mobile platform Snapdragon 888 + X60 5G modem and Adreno 660 graphics processor. Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, located under the screen, allows instant unlocking with wet and dirty hands.

The long-awaited all-smart Meizu Watch with a full-featured operating system was launched on May 31. Meizu Watch has an AMOLED display with 60Hz refresh rate, it is powered by the leading Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor, and thanks to the built-in SIM card (eSIM) it can be used to make phone-independent calls and send SMS. The Flyme for Watch user firmware is based on Android, not on Wear OS, which gives many more customization options.

By the end of this year, three more new smartphones of the company are expected to be presented – with supposed names Meizu 18s, Meizu 18s Pro and Meizu 18X (or Meizu 18T). The Meizu 18s and Meizu 18s Pro will be similar in features to the current Meizu 18 and Meizu 18 Pro series, but will be powered by the improved Snapdragon 888 Plus mobile platform. Meizu 18X/18T will be a more budget option, which will most likely be equipped with Snapdragon 870.

Against this background, the next flagships Meizu 19 and Meizu 19 Pro, which should be released in the spring of 2022, have already been talked about in Chinese social networks. They will, of course, be with Qualcomm’s latest top mobile platform, which will traditionally be presented at the end of the year.

The chipset has the working name SM8450 and is expected to be released as Snapdragon 895 or Snapdragon 898. It will be manufactured using advanced technology from Samsung, will include ARM Cortex v9-based cores, a faster new generation X65 5G modem, and more powerful graphics processor. The Snapdragon 895/898 will provide 20% better performance and lower power consumption, thanks to a 4nm process.

Another major improvement on the Meizu 19 series will be in the display, which will most likely have 4K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate and 380Hz sampling rate. The screen/body ratio will increase thanks to the selfie camera located under the screen. And for the main rear camera is expected to be 108-megapixel.

This year, Meizu lags behind the trends in terms of fast charging. The more expensive Meizu 18 Pro supports only 40W wired and 40W wireless charging, although the company’s product line includes a 45-watt adapter and a 65W GaN fast charger. However, it is said that Meizu is working hard in this direction and the Meizu 19 series will support 80-watt wired charging.

However, there is a lot of time until the release of the Meizu 19 series. And while the specifications of the Meizu 18s and Meizu 18s Pro are (almost) clear, it remains to be seen what they will be in the more budget model, which excites people with more limited financial resources.

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