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MIUI vs Flyme

Попаднах на темата „MIUI Vs FLYME: Comparison Between OS! Which One You Prefer?“ на форума на Xiaomi. Естествено, има мнения в полза и на двата интерфейса. Но едно от мненията на потребителя @MilanSaikh от февруари тази година е доста показателно:

MIUI: 8.5/10
Flyme OS: 9.5/10

F1. I used both of them. Flyme OS got every function that MIUI have.
F2. MIUI does not have mTouch and the smart button (floating button) which is present on Flyme OS (though MIUI have floating button also but not comparable with Flyme). In my opinion, this is the best part of Flyme.
F3. In theme department, one can apply theme by merging separate themes in Flyme- user can choose Dialler Interface from Theme 1, Icons from Theme 2, Notification Interface from Theme 3, Wallpaper from Theme 4 etc. This function is not present in MIUI.
F4. In Camera Interface Flyme user can control „Shutter Speed“ which is helpful in taking low light photos, & „Metering separation“ option is better than any other camera Interface. Those are not present in MIUI (Though Exposure Control is present but not like Flyme’s).
F5. Users can root Flyme OS officially in the „Setting“ which is one step away. This also not present in MIUI.
F6. Users can start „Guest Mode“ by using „Guest Mode password“ on the lockscreen. This is also not present in MIUI.
F7. Set password for specific Apps was not present on Flyme.
F8: There are so many Gestures present for sleep mode.
F9. Animations on Flyme is better than MIUI.
F10. Flyme OS is more fluid.
F11. Flyme OS give OTA update more than MIUI.
F12: MIUI drains battery quickly than Flyme.
F13: Flyme Os is better optimized than MIUI. Look at Meizu M6 Note vs Redmi Note 4 & Xiaomi A1. These three comes with same hardwares SD625 Processors (SoC), 4 GB RAM, 1080p Display. Gameplay is more smooth on M6 Note. Note 4 & A1 hangs a bit after playing 20 minutes of high end games but M6 Note never.
F14: Graphics processing is better on Flyme.
F15: Xiaomi handsets are common but Meizu handset is unique for their built quality, look and mTouch button. Feels more premium in low same price.

M1: MIUI provides more number of themes than Flyme OS (it does not mean that Flyme has limited number of themes).
M2: MIUI allows users to change Font which was/(is?) not present on Flyme OS.
M3: The Only drawback on Meizu handsets is it comes with MediaTek Processors whereas Xiaomi handsets come with Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors (some handset came with MediaTek also). MediaTek processors are not so much optimized than Qualcomm Snapdragon. Meizu will always be on top when it will provide handset with Snapdragon Processors I bet.

Friends, in current time, what MIUI gives to users was already there on Flyme OS before 3 years ago. What was not present on that time on Flyme OS was Dual Space, screen recording & long Screenshot.

Both OSs are smooth, well optimized, provide Dual Space, Recycle bin in File manager, Long Screenshot, Child Mode, Split Windows, Tools, Data Traffic, Permission Control, Battery Saver, Security, One-Handed Mode, Display Color Control, Eye Protection, Easy Mode, Kids Corner, Screen recording etc. It is my own experience.

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