Meizu Smart Life Conference and Meizu Watch on May 31st

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Meizu Smart Watch is coming on May 31st

This morning, Meizu announced that the long-awaited Meizu Smart Watch will be officially unveiled on May 31. The conference will be broadcast live from 2.30 pm.

To live, to feel, to experience.
Put down your phone and embrace every different you,
Enjoy every change brought about by technology.
Watch me!
“Meizu’s Smart Life Conference” # May 31, 14:30 live broadcast on the whole network.

This was written by the company in its Weibo profile Meizu Accessories, which two days ago was renamed Meizu Smart Life. In the future, everything related to Meizu ecosystem products will be published in this profile.

Meizu Smart Life Conference and Meizu Watch on May 31st

So far, Meizu Smart Watch is known to have a rectangular shape and a customized full-featured Flyme for Watch operating system. It can be used independently of the mobile phone, thanks to 4G LTE support and an embedded SIM card. Third-party applications will be able to be installed. It will support a charging power of 7.5W (5V/1.5A). In general, Meizu Smart Watch will be able to function independently as a mini smartphone.

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