Meizu’s FlymeAuto operating system in Lynk & Co’s cars

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Meizu's Flyme Auto operating system in Lynk & Co's cars

Meizu is known for its Android-based and deeply customized Flyme user interface, which has a huge following. In March 2021, it became clear that Meizu is also developing an operating system Flyme for Cars.

In July this year, through its subsidiary Hubei Xingji Shidai Technology, the Chinese auto giant Geely Holding Group made a strategic investment in Zhuhai Meizu Technology and acquired a 79% controlling stake. Geely’s goal is to take advantage of Meizu’s years of experience in software development.

Some time ago, Meizu Technology registered the FlymeAuto brand, which is likely to replace the old Flyme for Cars brand. The company announced a job recruitment in the automotive industry, and yesterday the posters on the Meizu building were replaced with new ones.

Meizu Flyme Auto

“FlymeAuto is the continuation of Meizu Flyme in the smart cockpit. It will continue the design concept of Alive Design, become a partner with you, perceive and understand your needs, and establish the relationship between people, people and things, things and things. Interconnection, and finally achieve multi-terminal, full-scene, immersive integration experience.“, the company wrote today on its official Weibo account, and the message was also posted on Lynk & Co’s account.

Lynk & Co is a Chinese-Swedish brand, also owned by Geely Holding Group, and most likely it is in their cars that we will see FlymeAuto application for the first time.