The Meizu 20 series: Patents for a new mobile phone appearance and a foldable phone

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The Meizu 20 series: Patents for a new mobile phone appearance and a foldable phone

The official launch of the flagship Meizu 20 series is just around the corner. It should be launched in the spring. As the Chinese New Year approaches, Meizu has started posting daily posters related to the Meizu 20 and the FlymeAuto car operating system.

Today, a design of a “mobile phone” implemented by Zhuhai Meizu Technology was published on the website of the Chinese Patent Office (CNIPA). Most likely, this will be the appearance of the Meizu 20/20 Pro, which has been exciting users for a long time. The drawings show a straight screen with a perforation in the middle for the selfie camera. The back is also without curves (Apple design). One of the quad rear camera sensors is located in the ring flash.

Meizu 20 / Meizu 20 Pro patent

For now, it is known for sure that the Meizu 20 series will be equipped with Qualcomm’s new mobile platform – Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Recently, two new products of the company passed the quality certification – a battery with a nominal capacity of 4600mAh (typical value 4700mAh) and a charger with charging power up to 80W.

There are speculations that the Meizu 20 series will support satellite communication technology, as Geely’s subsidiary Xingji Shidai Technology recently patented one. Through subsidiaries, Geely holds a controlling stake in Meizu, and Xindji Shidai is also among the shareholders. In addition, Geely is the first private Chinese company to launch 9 of its own satellites into low Earth orbit in the middle of last year to build a satellite network for more accurate navigation for autonomous vehicles.

Today, another patent by Zhuhai Meizu Technology related to a foldable phone was published on the CNIPA website. It is very possible to see such a phone from Meizu, as this was hinted at by the official teaser shown at the Meiyou conference.

Meizu foldable phone patent

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