Meizu 2009-2019: A decade in the smartphone market

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Meizu 2009-2019: A decade in the smartphone market

As we know, Meizu was founded in 2003 and initially produced portable MP3 and MP4 players. 2019 marks a decade since Meizu entered the smartphone market.

Recently, the user @HomeTest posted a video on the Chinese social network Weibo, which best presents chronologically the entire collection of all 54 phones manufactured in the period 2009-2019 – from Meizu M8 to Meizu 16T.

Meizu smartphones 2009-2019 history

The presentation is structured by years, series (Meizu, Meilan, PRO…). In the video we also see collector’s editions of some of the phones released on different occasions. Excerpts from the conferences on the presentation of smartphones, as well as versions of Flyme are shown.

In general, this is probably the most detailed video showing the company’s work during these 10 years. Well done to @HomeTest for the work done! Unfortunately, the video is in Chinese but still understandable. Look at it:

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