Meizu M8: The “nail” of Meizu, which has been alive for 12 years

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Nowadays, when in the conditions of fierce competition, manufacturers try their best to survive in the smartphone market, there are some with a long history. One such manufacturer is Meizu Technology, which is considered a pioneer in the development of smartphones in China.

In the early stages of smartphone development, many brands followed Apple’s example and produced only one flagship per year. The lifespan of a smartphone is not very long, but since the era of scarce models, there are “magic” machines that still work and some users still use them. The reasons for this can be different – from financial, through phone design to love for your favorite brand.

Yesterday Meizu focused on its magic machine with a long service life – Meizu M8 (mini One). This is the first company’s smartphone, which it launched almost 12 years ago. Under normal circumstances, smartphones become slow after about two years, due to outdated hardware and heavier operating systems and applications. It turned out that there are still 4 stubborn active users of this model (with a SIM card inserted within 30 consecutive days). In their official Weibo profile, Meizu published the serial numbers of these four phones – M8Rda08JJ****0620, M8Rda08JJ****3365, M8Rda08JJ****5429 and M80B08AHK****0001.

Recall that Meizu M8 has a 3.4-inch screen with a resolution of 480×720 pixels, Samsung ARM11 processor with a maximum frequency of 677MHz, rear 3.2-megapixel camera with high resolution, 256MB RAM, 8/16GB storage space, dual stereo speakers, 1300mAh battery, mini USB interface and pre-installed Mymobile operating system based on Windows CE 6.0.

The interest in Meizu M8 is huge, among his fans is even one of the Saudi princes. It is quite similar to its direct competitor iPhone 3G, but in some respects even surpasses it. At the same time, it is the first Chinese smartphone exposed at Microsoft’s headquarters in Beijing, where it is still located today.

Meizu’s mCycle campaign is currently underway, in which users of older models can return them for recycling. They are evaluated and the owners receive coupons for the respective discount when purchasing the current Meizu 17 and Meizu 17 Pro models. The mCycle campaign was initially aimed at Meizu 16 series users, but has since expanded to older models as well as smartphones from other brands.

Meizu 17 | mCycle

In gratitude to the four old and loyal users who still use Meizu M8 as their main phone, the company offered to buy their handsets at a starting selling price of 2,388 yuan, without any depreciation. They will receive coupons of this value to buy Meizu 17, wishing to use it for at least the next ten years.

Currently, the price of Meizu 17 8GB/128GB in China is 3699 yuan, which means that these four lucky ones can get it for only 1311 yuan (about 190 dollars). Unless they want to keep Meizu M8 from a passion for collecting