Meizu PANDAER × XOG Platinum Starship earphones

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Meizu PANDAER × XOG Platinum Starship earphones

The new PANDAER × XOG Platinum Starship semi-in-ear earphones are the second collaboration between Meizu PANDAER and Elvis XOG in the field of audio equipment. The previous product was the PANDAER × XOG Cyber desktop bluetooth speaker.

PANDAER × XOG Platinum Starship have a unique design, quite different from other oval-shaped TWS earphones on the market. The charging compartment is metal with a white porcelain coating, flat magazine-type slide design, and the back is equipped with a Japanese Seiko spring, which can achieve 40,000 slides.

Meizu PANDAER × XOG Platinum Starship earphones Unicorn HALO

Both sides of the box are translucent, and a battery status light is hidden inside the fuselage (Unicorn HALO). Depending on the battery charge, the lamp glows orange, yellow, or red. The battery capacity of the charging compartment is 400mAh and the capacity of a single ear is 35mAh. The battery life can be up to 5 hours on a single charge and up to 20 hours with the charging box.

In addition to the earphones, the set includes a USB-C charging cable and a charging base. The internal USB-C port (male head) of this charging base adopts a magnetic detachable design, and there are three metal contacts at the bottom.

Meizu PANDAER × XOG Platinum Starship earphones charging base

Meizu PANDAER × XOG Platinum Starship earphones are made of high quality iChem antibacterial material with a broad-spectrum inhibitory effect on various bacteria and viruses. Each of them weighs only 4.2 grams and has an IPX4 level of water resistance.

Meizu PANDAER × XOG Platinum Starship are equipped with a 12mm moving coil unit and composite titanium diaphragm, in addition to the setting of Meizu Acoustics. They support AAC audio, Bluetooth 5.2 and Flyme connection.

The headset supports three modes: music, movies and games (low latency). There are also included 8 preset equalizers such as cinema, rock, pop, electronics, jazz and dance music. The clear conversation is ensured by ENC noise reduction.

The Meizu PANDAER × XOG Platinum Starship earphones’ price in China is 439 yuan (about $65).