Invitations to the Meizu 17 presentation will be sent out on April 22

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Invitations to the Meizu 17 presentation will be sent out on April 22

Today, at the live broadcast „Meizu 17 mSmart 5G Fast and Stable Technology Sharing Meeting“, it became clear that mass production of the company’s first 5G smartphone Meizu 17 has begun and it will soon be officially shown. When exactly, we will find out on April 22. Recently, Vice President Hua Hailiang said in an interview that Meizu is changing its policy and the phones will be introduced when they are available for purchase immediately.

Otherwise, mSmart 5G is a development of Meizu, which improves the stability of the connection and battery life. At this stage, reducing the power consumption of 5G smartphones is one of the main challenges facing manufacturers. And thanks to the Wi-Fi 6 standard for wireless networks, the download speed will be up to 4151Mbps.

Meizu 17 mSmart 5G

At today’s presentation, the curtain was slightly raised on some of the specifications of the flagship Meizu 17. The battery will have a capacity of 4500mAh. There was also an end to speculation about the selfie camera. It will be located on the right in a hole in the display. Despite striving for symmetrical aesthetics, Meizu has finally given up on reducing frames to the limit.

For now, it is almost certain that two models will be presented – Meizu 17 and Meizu 17 Pro. Meizu 17 will support 30W fast charging, and Meizu 17 Pro – 40W. It is still unknown exactly what the main camera will be, with how many and what sensors. These days, however, a photo of an engineer next to a drop test machine (falling from a different height) in Meizu’s lab leaked on Weibo. A phone is visible from his pocket and it can be seen that the camera is located horizontally.

Meizu 17 5G camera