Spring presentation of new Meizu products on April 19th

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Spring presentation of new Meizu products on April 19th

On April 19th, Meizu will present new products from the PANDAER and lipro series. The presentation will be broadcast online from 19:30 local time.

In 2019, Meizu’s mascot, King Kong Panda, was upgraded to the new PANDAER brand, aimed at a youth audience. Under this brand are produced clothes, cases for smartphones, bags, souvenirs, but also technological products developed independently or in collaboration with popular Chinese companies. We have already seen several such products – PANDAER 40W magnetic super fast and cooling charger, PANDAER х IQUNIX transparent mechanical keyboard, PANDAER х SHARGE transparent external battery, PANDAER × Elvis XOG desktop Bluetooth speaker.

Meizu PANDAER Oasis camp

The upcoming presentation is related to spring and camping. The first known new products are “Oasis camp” t-shirts, which are already on sale. There is also cooperation with the leading manufacturer of camping equipment MOBI GARDEN. What the joint product will be remains to be seen.

Meizu PANDAER MobiGarden

At this stage it is not clear what new we will see from the lipro series, which was created in early 2021. Under this brand, high quality eye protection luminaires are produced, as well as smart home products.

It’s already mid-April and all Meizu fans are waiting for news about this year’s flagship series Meizu 19 and Meizu 19 Pro. As it was announced last year, the company’s new phones can be expected in May at the earliest. Hopefully the pandemic that has returned to China will not interfere the timely launch of the Meizu 19 series. Hopefully the company will share information about the long-awaited flagships at the upcoming presentation.